RAVENOL Insekten-Entferner

RAVENOL Insekten-Entferner 500 ml- 1360059-500
ART.-NR. 1360059-500
RAVENOL Insekten-Entferner 5 L- 1360059-005
ART.-NR. 1360059-005
  • 500 ml | 1360059-500
  • 5 L | 1360059-005
Car care products

RAVENOL Insekten-Entferner is differing insect contamination on glass, paint, chrome and plastic surfaces with ease. The residues are removed quickly and gently.

Application Notes

Parts to be treated spray well and let it react. Then rinse well with water.

Not for use in the blazing sun and donĀ“t let it dry on the paint.



Complexing substances, tenside

Identification mark:
Keep away from Children. Please regard the usual rules for handling with chemicals.

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