RAVENOL Kaltreiniger

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger 500 ml- 1360001-500
ART.-NR. 1360001-500
RAVENOL Kaltreiniger 1 L- 1360001-001
ART.-NR. 1360001-001
RAVENOL Kaltreiniger 5 L- 1360001-005
ART.-NR. 1360001-005
RAVENOL Kaltreiniger 30 L- 1360001-030
ART.-NR. 1360001-030
  • 500 ml | 1360001-500
  • 1 L | 1360001-001
  • 5 L | 1360001-005
  • 30 L | 1360001-030
Car care products
Keine Beeinträchtigung von Ölabscheidern durch die Anwendung

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger is an effective solvent-based, aromatic-free technical cold cleaner.

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger is used for heavily soiled engines and machine parts.

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger removes oil, degreases, cleans and protects.

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger quickly and easily removes soil, dirt, oil and grease residue from engine parts, machine tools, floors and tiles.

RAVENOL Kaltreiniger is a quick-release cleaner, free of AOX.

Application Notes

Application using petrol separator:

Spray or brush RAVENOL Kaltreiniger onto the soiled parts or dip them into it, if necessary, carry out mechanical cleaning with brush, etc.

Allow to take effect for a short period of time, and then remove oil and greasy deposits by rinsing with water.


RAVENOL Kaltreiniger offers:

  • Quick and easy cleaning and degreasing.
  • Removal of oil and grease residues.
  • Quick separating cleaner.
  • AOX-free
  • No interference with oil separators.
  • Free of aromatics.
Density at 20°Ckg/m³787,0EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 20°Cmm²/s1,77DIN 51 562-01
Flash point (COC)°C65DIN ISO 2592
Aromatics%0,0200UV / VIS
Benzene contentmg/kg<3GC
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