RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner

RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner 300 ml- 1390202-300
ART.-NR. 1390202-300
  • 300 ml | 1390202-300
Die Reinigungswirkung ist nachgewiesen durch Vollmotorentest
Schützt die Kraftstoffanlage vor Korrosion, nachgewiesen mit dem Korrosionsschutztest nach Kesternich DIN 50017

RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner is a fuel additive for cleaning all petrol injection engines and therefore, for cleaning the fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber.

RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner removes resinous and varnish-type deposits on a microscale on fuel injection valves and fuel volume distributors and therefore, ensures precision control of fuel injection valves. 

RAVENOL BenzinSystem Cleaner binds and neutralises acidic condensation.

RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner protects the fuel system against corrosion.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner is added to the petrol.

Area of application:

  • Petrol-operated engines
  • Can be used preventively at every service
  • In the event of increased fuel consumption
  • For all petrol injection engines with or without catalytic converter

Application: Pour the contents of the container into the tank. The ideal dosage is a can of RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner per 50 litres of petrol.


RAVENOL Benzin System Cleaner offers:

  • Guaranteed functionality of catalytic converter and lambda probe
  • Saving of fuel by means of precise fuel injection and nebulisation
  • Cleaning of the fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber
Density at 20°Ckg/m³817EN ISO 12185
Flash point°C-6,5DIN ISO 3679