NEW to the range- RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40

RAVENOL Newsletter – NEW to the range

We are delighted to be able to introduce a new product from RAVENOL to you today which can be ordered immediately, and which is available with immediate effect:

RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40 (Art.No. 1163101)

RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40

Below you will find an overview of all the available container sizes:

Container Sizes:


Article number


20 L



  1 x 20 L Bag in Box

208 L



  1 x 208 L barrel

RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40 is an all-year SHPD engine oil for marine diesel engines with or without turbo charging.

It is adapted to the special requirements of a marine engine and therefore equipped with a particularly high wear protection.

RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40 is specially designed for extended oil change intervals (under consideration of the manufacturer instruction).




Volvo VDS-4.5; Mack EOS-4.5; Renault VI RLD-3


Caterpillar; Detroit Diesel; IVECO; MAN; Mercruiser; MTU; NANNI Diesel; PERKINS; SKL; Steyr; SULZER; VETUS DEUTZ; YANMAR

Key features of RAVENOL MARINE Performance SAE 15W-40 at a glance:

  • high pressure absorption capacity
  • high oxidation stability
  • outstanding temperature stability
  • very good detergent and dispersing properties
  • excellent aging resistance, high wear protection
  • outstanding viscosity-temperature behavior
  • neutrality to seals
  • high safety reserves even with boundary lubrication conditions
  • best suitability for difficult operating conditions

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