Gassner jr. / Mayrhofer make place two – three best times at the end make you wish for more

The Deutsche Rallyemeisterschaft (DRM) took off last weekend in St. Wendel, Saarland. Hermann Gassner jr. and Ursula Mayrhofer were there, as well, already drawing all eyes in advance with their Mitsubishi Evo X R4 in the new anthracite / neon yellow design.

On the first day, three demanding tests, including a night section and a city round-course, were on the agenda. After a cautious start, Gassner jr. was able to achieve a top time. He wasn't quite happy though: "Spending the last weeks on Finnish ice, I knew switching to asphalt with its stronger grip would be hard. But I was able to improve over the course of the day and I'm sure that tomorrow will be better.“ The team went to bed with this summary and place two in the overall results, just ahead of his father Hermann Gaßner.

Most of Saturday's section was made up of former demanding valuation tests from the German Championship. Unpaved paths covered with dirt and dust and demanding gravel passages required the participants to give their all.

Unimpressed by this, the German/Austrian duo defended their second place in total and was able to put another three best times into the asphalt towards the end of the rally. Gassner jr.: "I was able to access my driving potential on the last tests and to take the Gassner motor sports Mitsubishi to its limit. Since we didn't know where we are with the car at the beginning of the rally, I am quite happy with a second position. Our boys have done a great job, as always, and are looking joyfully to the coordination work to come in the next few weeks. We will adjust the car even better to my needs and will travel to the next rally full of motivation and power!“

It will take place up North in three weeks, on 28 and 29 March. "Hermann and I will be at the Wikinger Rallye in Süderbrarup for the first time. Therefore, we do not know what we will face on this "terra incognita" yet. Based on the special stages, we see no disadvantage as compared to our competitors," the co-pilot reports.

Gassner jr. / Mayrhofer make place two – three best times at the end make you wish for more