THE START OF SOMETHING BIG RAVENOL and Hockenheimring seal long-term partnership

RAVENOL will in future be the premium partner of the classic Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg racing circuit. A long-term cooperation agreement has been concluded between Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH with its well-known RAVENOL trademark and Hockenheim-Ring GmbH. For this purpose Martin Huning, RAVENOL Motor Sports Director and Georg Seiler, Managing Director of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH met on 1st April to conclude the contract. Among other things, this cooperation foreshadows the representation of a 13 metre high oil can in the RAVENOL style on the start and finish line building, which will in the future be visible as the RAVENOL Building, and will also display the lubricant company’s brand logo. Furthermore, the North Bend will be re-named the RAVENOL Bend. All branding operations will be undertaken very shortly. A particular challenge will be the construction of new RAVENOL can, which must be completed by the middle of the season.

"Size, styling and not least the golden colour of the symbolic advertisement will very soon make the RAVENOL can the unmistakeable emblem of the Hockenheimring. The plans for this unique construction project envisage presenting the visitors and fans with a replica, true to the original, on the scale of 55:1. All the partners involved are already highly motivated and are working together with the single purpose of creating something unique. In this respect we are now delighted to be bringing this ambitious major project on to the track in the truest sense of the word," states Jorn Teske, Head of Marketing at Hockenheim-Ring GmbH, expressing his optimism about the forthcoming partnership.

RAVENOL in motor sports

Since 2004 RAVENOL has operated in active motor sports as the technical partner of many international and national racing series, with successful racing teams and popular racing series. RAVENOL lubricants are used in almost all areas of motor sports: formula and touring cars, GT racing, rally, truck and kart racing and also in maritime and motor-cycle racing.

Martin Huning, RAVENOL Motor Sports Director says, "We are delighted about the cooperation with Hockenheim-Ring GmbH. Partnership with a world-renowned racing circuit is a very good extension to our motor sports programme. The RAVENOL Building and the RAVENOL Bend will be on everyone's lips in the future. The Hockenheimring is a circuit with a long tradition. Drivers such as Schumacher, Senna, Prost and Lauda have won Formula One races here. We look forward to being part of grand events in the future."

"We should like to thank RAVENOL for their long-term commitment and at the same time to congratulate them on this step. With the comprehensive partnership package and in particular the oversized oil can at the heart of the racing circuit, RAVENOL will soon be clearly ranked among the top league lubricant brands in German motor sports. We are delighted to offer the professional platform for this commitment and are sure that we can achieve something worthwhile in terms of image and profile for RAVENOL," said Georg Seiler, Managing Director of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH.


The Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH Company was founded in 1946 in Werther in Westphalia and develops, produces and distributes high-grade quality lubricants. It offers its customers a comprehensive range of lubricants and care products: motor oils for cars and commercial vehicles, racing car oils, transmission fluids for automatic transmissions and gear oils for manual transmissions and drive shafts, tractor oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, special hydraulic fluids, greases, high performance lubricants, car care products, cleaning agents and winter products. Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH is a global player. RAVENOL products are premium, Made in Germany products and known world-wide as premium lubricants of the highest quality, with a high degree of product reliability and service. RAVENOL is present in almost 80 countries to date.

About the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg

The Hockenheimring opened in 1932 and today the variety of functions it offers each year to up to 700,000 visitors has made it a flagship for the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. Formula 1, DTM and the NitrOlympX drag racing event are just some of the top-class races in its international motor sports programme. However, the renowned racing circuit also hosts open air concerts and festivals, such as Rock’N‘Heim, as well as mass appeal sports events such as the BASF Firmencup. Throughout the year events such as traffic safety training, test drives for the automobile industry and first-rate driving experiences are held. There is a lot going on at the Hockenheimring. The classic circuit is fully booked on more than 320 days per year and its numerous facilities and locations offer the perfect setting for every type of event.

THE START OF SOMETHING BIG RAVENOL and Hockenheimring seal long-term partnership