RAVENOL Leder Reiniger

RAVENOL Leder Reiniger 500 ml- 1360067-500
ART.-NR. 1360067-500
RAVENOL Leder Reiniger 5 L- 1360067-005
ART.-NR. 1360067-005
  • 500 ml | 1360067-500
  • 5 L | 1360067-005
Car care products

RAVENOL  Leder-Reiniger  is a phosphate-free cleaning agent for leather seats and interior trims in the car.
Provides excellent cleaning of seats and smooth brightness of the leather.

Application Notes

By using RAVENOL Leder-Reiniger following should be regard:

1. Test on an inconspicuous area of leather upholstery the color fastness and material compatibility.

2. Spray RAVENOL Leder-Reiniger onto a damp cloth and rub it lightly over the surface without rubbing or  spray very fine from a distance of about 50 cm on the cushion respectively seat covers, but always work from the bottom up to avoid streaks because of the different residence time.

3. Rub with a damp cloth without rubbing over the surface to remove RAVENOL Leder-

4. Subsequently, we recommend impregnating the upholstery with a leather care.

Never spray RAVENOL Leder-Reiniger very powerfull and don´t let it dry!


Product is biodegradable to 98 %. Free of formaldehyde and phosphates.
Ingredients according to EC guidelines: Complexing substances, tenside

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