RAVENOL Lederpflegetücher

RAVENOL Lederpflegetücher Stück (VE 32 Stück à 25 Tücher)- 1360702-001
ART.-NR. 1360702-001
  • Stück (VE 32 Stück à 25 Tücher) | 1360702-001
Car care products

RAVENOL Lederpflegetücher are wet wipes designed for cleaning and caring for leather surfaces. With their special ingredients, they will clean the leather, refresh its colour and restore the softness and smoothness of the leather surfaces in your car or on your motorbike. When RAVENOL Lederpflegetücher leather cleaning wipes are used, the carnauba wax they contain creates a protective, water-repellent layer and keeps the leather smooth and dirt-resistant.

RAVENOL Lederpflegetücher contain no colourants. Their compact packaging makes them perfect for use on the go. They fit into every car glove box, meaning they are always on hand for cleaning your leather surfaces.

Application Notes

Open the packaging seal, take out a RAVENOL Lederpflegetuch wet wipe and then reseal the packaging. Use the wipe as directed in the instructions. Always reseal the packaging fully after use in order to prevent the wipes from drying out quickly.


Composition of nonionic and cationic tensides, Carnauba waxes, preservative, aromatic substance, water.


3 years from date of manufacture. Date of manufacture (day, month, year) on the packet.


Store in the manufacturers packet at a temperature of between + 5°C and + 25°C. Do not keep longer than one month after opening.

Safety Instructions:

Do not store in direct sunshine and not near heaters. Keep away from children and animals.


1 packet contains 25 wipes

PU per box: 32 pcs.