RAVENOL Petroleum Extra

Category Car care products

Item number 1360125

Recommendation Frei von Aromaten

Application Industry, Hobby and garden

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is a high quality petroleum distillate with good dissolving and cleaning properties.

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is a cleaning product, universally applicable in areas such as Metal and mechanical engineering, workshops, wood processing, agriculture and household.

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is used in the construction industry as a lamp fuel.

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra excellently dissolves fats, oils and waxes.

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is also used for cleaning tools and as a solvent.

Application Note

RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is used for cleaning and dissolving purposes.


  • Fast and easy cleaning and degreasing
  • Removal of oil and varnish residues
  • Free of aromatics

Technical Product Data

Colour klar VISUELL
Aromatics 0,02 % UV / VIS
Benzene <3 mg/kg GC
Viscosity at 20 °C 1,77 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Density at 20 °C 787,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Flashpoint 65 °C DIN EN ISO 2592