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RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstücher

RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstücher are wet wipes designed for cleaning windows, mirrors and headlights.

RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstücher will effortlessly remove stubborn grime and will leave your glass and other smooth surfaces sparkling and streak-free.

RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstücher are perfect for use on the go, thanks to their compact packaging. They fit into every glove box and are therefore close to hand at all times for cleaning your windscreen, ensuring you have clear vision throughout your journey.

Application Notes

Open the packaging seal, take out a RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstuch wet wipe and reseal the packaging. Then use the wipe to clean the desired object. Always reseal the packaging immediately after use in order to ensure that the wipes do not dry out quickly.


Demineralised water, isopropanol, composition of nonionic tensides (<5%), preservative, scent (<1%).


3 years from date of manufacture. Date of manufacture (day, month, year) on the packet.


Store in the manufacturers packet at a temperature of between + 5°C and + 25°C. Do not keep longer than one month after opening. 

Safety Instructions:

Do not store in direct sunshine and not near heaters. Keep away from children and animals. 


1 packet contains 30 wipes

PU per box: 32 pcs.

RAVENOL Scheibenreinigungstücher

Article number: 1360703

Stück (VE 32 Stück à 30 Tücher)|1360703-001

All information correspond to the best of our knowledge to the actual situation of the cognitions and our development. Subject to alterations. All references made to DIN-norms are only for the description of the goods. There is no guarantee. In case there will be any problems please contact the technical service.


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