From 21st to 29th January, Düsseldorf stages the ‘International boat exposition Düsseldorf, or – in shorter words, the ’Boot Düsseldorf’. It is regarded as the biggest water-sports fair in the world and features different topic areas, such as sailing, big yachts, fishing and boat equipment that are exposed in 17 halls on more than 200,000 square metres exposition area.  

RAVENOL’s long-term partners, Team Germany Motorsport, that races – inter alia – in the pinnacle of maritime motor racing (F1 H20 UIM World Championship), showcased itself in front of the big crowds in hall 4, booth 41. 

The squad around Sport Director F1, André Schürle, is well aware of the enormous power of the 2.5-litre 6-cylinder 2.5 litre 400bhp engine. The boat accelerates faster than most of the Formula One cars: from naught to 160kph in just four seconds. 

In the case of this kind of extreme strains for the engine, the RAVENOL engine oil RAVENOL Outboardoel 2T Fullsynth, based on special esters and Polyisobutylenk lubricates the engine perfectly.  The Mercury F1 gearbox is lubricated with RAVENOL MARINE Gear Lube that features a neutral behaviour regarding metal and gasket materials. For the maintenance of the outside and the anticorrosive coating of ship components, special marine products, such  as ‘RAVENOL Marinefett’ or ‘RAVENOL Bootsreiniger’ are recommended.

The final weekend of the fair will once again thrill the visitors who are keen on F1 action.

Link: Team Germany Motorsport