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As a full-range provider to the automotive sector, RAVENOL offers over 550 high-quality products to its discerning customers.

Made in Germany - Oils for our winners

Thanks to our decades of expertise as a reliable supplier to the racing sport industry, we are convinced that our RAVENOL Premium lubricants offer the best possible performance, and that they clearly stand out when compared with alternative products. In line with the motto “from the racing track to the road”, RAVENOL develops products which are suitable for the road but with the performance otherwise found in racing sport.

We’ve made it to the elite class of motorsport!
In addition to its commitment to the F1 team, RAVENOL is also a team partner in the FIM Moto GP. The German motorbike team, Prüstel GP, which is perfectly at home on the global Moto GP racing tracks, works closely with the product developers and technicians at RAVENOL.

Product tests carried out at full throttle on the most challenging circuits in the world display the special characteristics of the RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike series with USVO® technology. The RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike series with USVO® technology exclusively uses Group 4&5 synthetic base oils, so-called polyalphaolefins (PAO) and esters which have far superior characteristics when compared with conventional base oils.

The single-cylinder four-stroke engine used, which has a cubic capacity of 250 cm³, therefore benefits from the highest level of safety and performance, which is appreciated by the team and drivers.


Dirk Geiger and Jason Dupasquier from the  Prüstel GP team


RAVENOL is one of the most renowned companies in the sector and stands out as a provider of the latest lubricant technologies developed based on close collaboration with leading vehicle and engine manufacturers. The company also stands out particularly for its research and development in motor racing – from karting right through to the elite class of Formula racing. In the company’s state-of-theart, in-house laboratory, these high-quality products are formulated to meet the most exacting quality requirements of the automotive industry and even to exceed the latest standards.


Founded approximately 75 years ago as a local familyrun company, RAVENOL now markets its products in 90 countries and is known as a reliable supplier offering excellent service. We offer our customers an extensive range of lubricants and care products: Engine oils for passenger cars and trucks, racing oils, transmission oils for automatic and manual gearboxes and drive axles, agricultural machinery oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, special products, greases, highperformance lubricants, vehicle maintenance products, cleaners, winter chemicals and anti-freezes.


High quality fuel and oil additives for cleaning, lubrication, cooling, optimizing fuel consumption and preventing contamination and wear.

RAVENOL Motobike System Cleaner Shot 100 ml - 1390401-100

RAVENOL Motobike System Cleaner Shot

ART.: 1390401

RAVENOL Motobike System Cleaner Shot ist ein Kraftstoffadditiv mit hohen Anteilen an reinigenden und korrosionsschützenden Zusätzen für alle Motorrad-Benzineinspritzmotoren, das...

RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot 100 ml - 1390402-100

RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot

ART.: 1390402

RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot ist ein hochwirksames Reinigungskonzentrat mit Schmierkomponenten zur effizienten Reinigung aller Motorradmotoren (mit und ohne Katalysator). ...


… requires a great deal of attention and sufficient care, in a different way than a car does. That’s why RAVENOL offers an extensive product portfolio specifically for motorbikes and their particular requirements: from 4-T engine oils with the latest USVO technology to special multigrade transmission oils and spray oils, chain lubricants, carburettor cleaners through to care and cleaning products which are gentle on paintwork.

The high-performance engines of modern bikes often get twice the power out of the same cubic capacity compared with modern passenger car engines! Bikes can do this thanks to extremely high revolutions per minute!

The higher the rpm, the higher the operating temperatures. This means that in certain areas of the engine, at full throttle, temperatures of up to 350°C may be reached. The oxidation value, i.e. the ageing of the oil, increases with rising temperatures! Above a temperature of 60°C, the service life of the oil reduces by 50% with every additional temperature increase of 10°C!

It's not only the high operating temperatures, but also the extreme engine performance that make the engine oil have to work harder to protect the engine components from wear and sludge formation while simultaneously guaranteeing perfect transmission and clutch performance.

The RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike series with USVO® technology exclusively uses Group 4&5 synthetic base oils, so-called polyalphaolefins (PAO) and esters which have far superior characteristics when compared with conventional base oils. Compared with conventional oils, these base oils offer better low-temperature properties as well as significantly higher oxidation stability which becomes evident thanks to the extended oil-change intervals. Not only this, but these oils have greater shear stability, i.e. they retain their viscosity (flowability, or resistance to flow) better as they do not require the addition of viscosity improvers (polymers, plastics), which cause sludge formation in engines. The USVO® technology also ensures that the oil film is extremely stable and has a very high pressure absorption capacity, which is reflected in its excellent wear protection properties and improved performance.

RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike products offer better engine protection due to reduced friction and sludge formation and longer oil-change intervals. They will ensure that your bike performs even better! You can find a detailed explanation of the respective technical test parameters that explain the unbeatable performance of the Racing 4-T Motobike series in this newsletter! The test results of the RAVENOL products and some well-known competitors are shown in the following table. The full presentation and all test results are available on request from your sales representative.

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