Tim and Dirk Groneck previously won the VLN long distance championship in 2013, when Groneck Motorsport was the first team to win the prestigious and popular sport series in a Renault. Over the past weekend, the Groneck brothers secured their second championship title on the Nordschleife.

"We are really proud be champions of this fantastic series for a second time“, said Tim and Dirk Groneck happily. The 40th DMV Münsterland Cup, the last of the ten seasonal events, began one hour later due to fog. In addition, the usual four-hour endurance time was shortened by one hour.

"We had to give everything right up to the end“, said Tim Groneck. "This moment is indescribable. For us, the second title is just as significant as the first one.“

With an average 150 vehicles per race, Groneck Motorsport were also able to leave some strong opposition behind them in 2015. The brothers won eight of their ten races, and they clinched the title for the second time under the VLN points system, which balances Class success against the number of participants, in their relatively low-performance Renault Clio.