We are delighted to be able to introduce a new RAVENOL product to you today, which will be available with immediat effect:


(Art. No. 1350605-001)


The new RAVENOL DOT 4 LV product is sold in a silver 1 L bottle, expanding our existing range of brake fluids which includes RAVENOL DOT 4 RAVENOL DOT 5.1 as well as RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid R325+ for racing sports.

Key Features of RAVENOL DOT 4 LV:

  • Fluidity even at very low temperatures.
  • Optimal ABS properties.
  • Chemical stability.
  • High lubricating power.
  • Neutral behavior towards brake parts.

Can be mixed with all brake fluids of the same specification.

Further information you will find in the attached pdf document.

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