From 18th to 20th August, 2017, in the NitrOlympX, huge forces of several thousand bhp will fill the Hockenheimring with flames, smoke and thunder.

The dragsters contesting the event – vehicles that were specially designed for the quarter-mile sprints – will be accelerated by the drivers to more than 400kph in just a few seconds. The NitrOlympX, one of Europe’s biggest drag-racing meetings, are a festival for an extreme motor-racing area and attract a lot of media attention. 

In addition to the permanent partnership that has been represented since 2014 by the huge RAVENOL can in the Hockenheim paddock, RAVENOL now also is involved as premium partner of the event and in addition they are the name sponsor of one of the two quarter-mile lanes.

Furthermore, RAVENOL also provides the top teams technical support. After all, the lubricants are – in addition to the fuel – one of the most important issues in this high-performance motor racing discipline. With RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60, the dragsters can rely on a special oil featuring a new, improved formula of esters and poly-alpha-olefins. It provides a reliable lubrication layer and a stable viscosity performance even at extremely high temperatures.

Don’t miss this mega event at the Hockenheimring!

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