The Endurance Championship Nürburgring, VLN, is one of the most popular European mass-sports series, with RAVENOL being technology partner of several teams.

Sports and touring cars contest the championship in different categories. The championship comprises for group rankings, usually split according to engine size:

  • VLN Production cars: V1 to V6 (1,600 cc to 3,500 cc) and VT1 to VT3 (turbocharged 1,600 cc to turbocharged 3,000 cc)
  • Group H: Cars without authorization due to their age; 1,600 cc to 6,250 cc (like Opel Manta)
  • VLN Cup: Opel Astra OPC Cup, Porsche Carrera Cup, TMG GT 86 Cup, BMW M325i Racing Cup
  • VLN Specials: Categorisation according to engine size, to custom models: FIA GT3 and SRO GT4 vehicles also are permitted.

The races are contested at the legendary Nürburgring, with the race distances between four and six hours. The field usually comprises some 200 cars that battle it out on the 24.358-kilometre combination of the Nürburgring’s GP circuit and the unique Nordschleife. More often than not, two drivers alternate in the cockpit of a car.

In the VLN, RAVENOL is the technology partner of different teams – such as Phoeníx Racing. In addition to the ADAC GT Masters, the highly motivated Eifel based team also contests the VLN – and does so successfully. In the second round of the season, the team’s drivers Frank Stippler (Germany) and Anders Fjordbach (Denmark) delivered in great style, with the Phoenix GT3 vehicle, and crossed the line of the famous circuit with an impressive lead over the rest of the field.

The supercar Audi R8 LMS was equipped by the Audi AG/ Quattro GmbH with a 5.2-litre V8 engine that also is used as production engine. With tits enormous horsepower output of 585bhp and a torque of more than 550 Nm the GT3 engine virtually brims with power. The engine management is executed by the Bosch Motorsport Motronic MS6.4. Meanwhile, the racing oil  RAVENOL RSS SAE 10W-60 that is adapted to high-performance motor racing makes for the perfect lubrication of the engine that features four valves per cylinder. A sequential, pneumatically operated six-speed racing gearbox with gear-shift paddles at the steering wheel is responsible for the power transmission. And the fully synthetic PAO based low-friction motor-racing gearbox oil RAVENOL Racing Gearoil makes for a high-pressure resistant lubrication at any time. Furthermore, RAVENOIL also is involved when it comes to braking. To guarantee optimum brake performance, the hydraulic dual-circuit brake system is filled with fresh RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid R325+ prior every race weekend. A high-performance brake fluid that delivers in particularly fine style when the brakes are extremely hot or races are held in tropical conditions.

The next VLN round, the 58th ADAC ACAS H&R-Cup, will be held on 14th May.

Link: Phoenix Racing