With the UIM H2O F1 World Championship, RAVENOL has found a new technical challenge in maritime motor racing. The UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) is the world association for maritime motor racing and can be compared with the FIA (car racing) and FIM (motorbike racing). And just as car racing the motor racing on the water also has got a Formula 1 category that represents the pinnacle of maritime motor racing. With their long-time partners, Team Germany Motorsport around André Schürle, RAVENOL will be involved in this category from 2016. The boats are powered by 450BHP Mercury engines and are made of Kevlar / carbon fibre. The World Championship calendar features the venues Evian, France; Porto, Portugal; Macao, Hong Kong; Abu Dhabi, Dubai – and two GPs in China. Martin Huning, Motorsport Director RAVENOL, says: “We are delighted with the fact that products such as RAVENOL Outboard 2 T fullsynt will be used at the pinnacle of motorboat racing. We already celebrated numerous race wins and titles with Team Germany Motorsport in the past and I’m confident that we are going to also be successful in Formula One.”  

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