Bergmeier completes his first Formula test in flying colours

Hockenheim: Promising young talent Tamino Bergmeier had a successful initial Formula test and be is ready to step up to the next level in his career. The 13 year-old kart pilot tested for the Fulda-based Rössler racing sport team in the Formula 4 trials at Hockenheim. The day was dedicated to driving and evaluations, and the youngster's performance improved lap by lap, and one could see that the boy from Melle began to trust and understand his car. Late that afternoon, Bergmeier was involved in a final discussion, and was over the moon that he had achieved everything he had set out to do. Team boss Thomas Rössler was very impressed by Tamino's achievements and praised him highly. "Over the summer we have tested many young drivers here, but none have been able to get anywhere near what you have achieved, even though they were all older than you. I am very inspired and would like to invite you to join our team,“ said Rössler unexpectedly to Tammy that evening. And he added: "I have the idea that you could use next season as a preparatory and testing year, and then start Formula 4 racing when you reach 15. We would train you to compete on all of the courses on our simulator, and then you could join the team for testing. "If it was up to me we could begin immediately,“ retorted the highly motivated youngster. "Many thanks also to Martin Huning, the motor sport manager at Ravenol who has really looked after me and has made so much possible“, said the boy from Melle, overjoyed after his great day at Hockenheim.

The new champion has been found - Jürgen Bender has an insurmountable head start in the DMV GTC 2015

Jürgen Bender can put the Champaign in his fridge already. The Corvette pilot from Neckarsulm will take home the championship after the finals of the DMV GT and Touring Car Cup (DMV GTC). Bender has a head start of 296 points before the last two races and is thus impossible to beat. Two smart races in Spa Francorchamps did the trick and won him the title. Bender did not win his class on the track, but Christoph Dupré, who was faster in the end, was a guest starter only and not signed up for the championship. Jürgen Bender thus was able to take home the maximum of 25 points twice and increase his head-start. The only thing that could still prevent his victory would be if he was excluded from the valuation in the finals. All in all, Bender has collected the maximum points eight times in 14 races, as well as three second places and two third ones in his class.
Bender is currently followed by the duo Marcel Hartmann and André Krumbach in place two. The padding to the third rank is very thin for those two, though. Finn Pertti Kuismanen is only twelve points behind the Porsche duo. The fight for the two platform positions reaches beyond the fourth place of Christof Langer to the fifth of Peter Schepperheyn. Speaking in classes, drivers from classes 7a, 7b and 10 are still competing for the vice title and rank three. Things remain exciting. Series organiser Ralph Monschauer was able to give the teams good news: There will be a 60-minute race on the Nürburgring. After the second 30-minute race of the DMV GTC is held on Saturday morning, the race of one hour is to follow in the afternoon.

ADAC Formula 4 within the DTM framework in Oschersleben

The Formula 4 ADAC youngsters will start this coming weekend in the DTM programme. On the approx. 3.7 km long racing track in Oschersleben, near Magdeburg, the drivers will compete in three races. Currently in the lead is Marvin Dienst from the HTP Junior Team. The current most successful driver on the RAVENOL Partner Team is the Swede Joel Eriksson, holding second position in the table, followed closely behind by the Australian Joey Mawson on Team Van Amersfoort Racing. Tim Zimmermann, one of Neuhauser’s racing drivers, currently lies at P8 in the overall ranking.