Marlon Lewandowsky takes the lead in the German SUV Championships

On Saturday, the second-to-last run of the German SUV championships took place in Drackenstein (between Stuttgart and Ulm).
With a victory and a second place of his father, the team properly turned the overall valuation upside down. Currently, the team holds P1 and P2 of the valuation table.
The season's final race will take place in Gschwend on 3 October, where the team wants to successfully fight for the title.
Marlon Lewandowsky already has qualified for the European championships in 2016, since he has reached at least the fourth place in the overall results.  (Reaching the Top 4 automatically qualifies for the European Championships in the following year). The team starts in the prototype class, where it uses two vehicles of its own build with 300 HP Volvo turbo engines. RAVENOL is the team's partner. It uses the RAVENOL VSI SAE 5W-40 engine oil and RAVENOL ATF Dexron III H gear oil in competitions.

Photo: Dirk Symons

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DTC will once again be involved in the 2016 ADAC GT Masters

The organizers of the ADAC GT Masters and the DTC series organisers have laid the groundwork for another joint season. Just as in this and previous seasons, the touring car series will be set primarily within the framework of the ADAC GT Masters in 2016. The continuation of this partnership for the 2016 season was agreed between the DTC and the ADAC GT Masters during the race weekend in Zandvoort. The DMSB German Touring Car Cup, as it will be known from next year, will be held in Germany, as well as in some neighbouring countries, as a part of the ADAC GT Masters supporting programme. "We are very happy to report the continuation of our cooperation, and we're really looking forward to the new season“, said series manager Rainer Bastuck.

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