We are delighted to be able to introduce two new RAVENOL products to you today which are now available with immediate effect:

1.) RAVENOL Ultra Duty Truck SAE 10W-30 (Art. 1121110)

2.) RAVENOL Super Duty Truck SAE 10W-40 (Art. 1121120)

RAVENOL UDT Ultra Duty Truck SAE 10W-30 and RAVENOL  SDT Super Duty Truck SAE 10W-40 are both synthetic fuel-saving “low SAPS” truck engine oils formulated using the latest additive technology with very particular base oils. They have been specially developed for diesel engines subjected to the toughest conditions in all seasons. They are extremely well suited to use in EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines in combination with diesel fuel with up to 500 ppm sulphur content.

The two truck engine oilsRAVENOL UDT Ultra Duty Truck SAE 10W-30and RAVENOL SDT Super Duty Truck SAE 10W-40 were licenced as the first European engine oils by the API with the specifications API CK-4 and API CJ-4.

Further information you will find in the attached pdf document.

2017-02-14 DE.pdf1.54 MBpdf