We are delighted to be able to introduce RAVENOL DXG SAE 5W-30 with a new, improved formulation to you today.

In the past few years, GM has overhauled the DEXOS® licensing programme for engine oils and has responded to the increased requirements of modern engines. We are now able to stay abreast of this trend with the new formula of RAVENOL DXG SAE 5W-30, meaning that we can also offer you the dexos1™ Gen 2 * specification for this product in the future. The licensing process has not yet been completed and we are confident that we will soon receive the new licence. We will then inform you of this in a separate newsletter.

Orders for the new formulation will be supplied from September 2017.

Further information you will find in the attached pdf document.

2017-09-22 DE.pdf1.33 MBpdf