The German Stuntdays are an unique event of stunters, with stunters for everyone!

This year's special biker meeting takes place on 7th July in Zerbst/Anhalt at the military airfield. RAVENOL is again the technical partner of this event and looks forward to the unification of the different scenes. Freestyle bikers and stuntriders, professional riders and fans, wheelies and stoppies, everyone is in Zerbst on Saturday.
How it looked last year, you can see in this spectacular video:

All participants can revert to reliable and highly reliable lubricants for demanding bikes, such as the engine oil RAVENOL Motobike 4-t ester SAE 5w-40, which meets the high-tech demands of the latest powerful generation of engines.

What is the German Stuntdays? First, the large area where up to 30 riders can stay at the same time to show their skills and to train. The event, which was initiated 11 years ago, is one of the largest in Europe. Over 100 drivers from many different countries are expected.

If you are looking for a comparable event, you will not find it. Over 100 motorcycle stunt drivers from Germany and whole Europe meet once a year at the former military airfield in Zerbst/Anhalt to compete in various contests. Besides the contests "Last Man Standing" or "No Limit Circle", the "RAVENOL's fastest wheelie" competition is also held, which includes the knock-out system of a predetermined track on the rear wheel to return without displacing.
In addition to motorcycle stunts, the visitors also expect an extreme show of superlatives with drift cars, quads, go-karts, BMX, FMX and some vehicles which are difficult to classify. 

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