The hard work has finally paid off. Team Rosberg was able to place in the point rankings of the ADAC GT Masters for the first time.

Review: In Saturday’s race on the Nürburgring almost two weeks ago, Aaro Vainio and Michele Beretta collected the first four points of the season, coming in eighth place overall. The second duo, Eriksson/Judek, took a step forward as well. 

Temperatures far in excess of 30 degrees Celsius on that weekend not only got to the audience in the stands. At nearly 45 degrees in the racing vehicle, the drivers too were sweating much more than usual. The 7th and 8th races of the ADAC GT Masters were hosted on the Nürburgring in the Eifel. Keke Rosberg, the team's owner himself, stopped by for a visit. 

Aaro Vainio and Michele Beretta earned the team’s first points

Everyone knows that the ADAC GT Masters represents motorsports at a high level. Just how high was demonstrated during qualifying on Saturday morning when 31 vehicles were within one second. Aaro Vainio landed starting position 20 while Jonathan Judek took starting position 32.

The first race at noon was tumultuous and interrupted by a safety car phase shortly after the start. Aaro Vainio got off to a good start and was able to assert himself against his competitors. When he passed the wheel to Michele Beretta, the duo was already in the point rankings. Michele Beretta was ultimately able to take the Rosberg Lamborghini over the finish line in ninth place. A subsequent penalty bumped the two up to eighth place, scoring four points. “The first race went very well,” said Beretta. “We were finally competitive after all the difficult races before, and earning points was very good too.” Teammate Aaro Vainio added: “We certainly had a good race and the points were important. But we still have a lot of work to do.” Jonathan Judek and Jimmy Eriksson’s racing performance was convincingly strong as well. Starting in position 32, they crossed the finish line in 21st place.

Second-best Lamborghini on Sunday

Qualifying in the ADAC GT Masters is known to be difficult. Jimmy Eriksson laid down a fast lap and secured starting position 22. Michele Beretta fought and got the 29th fastest lap time on the course with a length of about 3.629 kilometres.

Asserting themselves in the duels was more difficult for the two Rosberg drivers this time. Time and time again, both Jimmy and Michele found themselves battling for position. Some gains were made during the race. Ultimately it was enough for 20th place (Vainio/Beretta) and 26th place (Eriksson/Judek). “Qualifying went a bit better today,” said Jonathan Judek. But we slipped further because of strong competition.” His teammate Jimmy Eriksson: “We took a step forward during the summer break. But we are not yet where we would really like to be.”

Team leader Arno Zensen: “We are pleased about our first points and want to keep improving our performance”

The first championship points are a relief for the whole team, which has been working hard to achieve this success. “After placing among the top 15 on the Red Bull Ring, we were able to go one better on the Nürburgring,” team leader Arno Zensen rejoiced. “Things keep getting a little bit better each time, and I’m confident that we will position ourselves in the ADAC GT Masters sooner or later. Jimmy, Jonathan, Aaro and Michele performed well this weekend and the team was very well prepared. We are pleased about our first points and want to keep improving our performance.”

The next racing weekend of the ADAC GT Masters begins this Friday. It will be held in Zandvoort, the Netherlands (August 17-19).

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