The Formula Student Team of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen will start into the next season with RAVENOL, again.

THM Motorsport has been racing in the Formula Student Series since 2009 and was able to achieve very good rankings in one of the biggest events of the racing series, FSG located in Hockenheim. Furthermore, they were able to compete in Italy in 2015 achieving the third rank, thus climbing the podium for the first time.

With the RAVENOL premium lubricants of the highest quality, the team can rely on excellent products for the needs of the workshop and maintain the vehicle on a regular basis. Here, for example, brake cleaners (RAVENOL Bremsenreiniger), cleaning cloths (RAVENOL Hand-Reinigungstücher) and hand washing paste (RAVENOL Handreiniger-Paste) are used. The braking system of AP Racing is operated with the RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid R325 +, which can handle the high loads and temperatures of racing operation very well. In order to ensure optimal power transmission of the engine to the differential, THM Motorsport relies on the RAVENOL chain spray (RAVENOL Ketten-Spray). Through the use of RAVENOL materials, the lubricating capacity of the specially designed and manufactured slide valve could be improved even further. After problems with the oil pressure of the engine at high temperatures, the oil pressure level has been improved by approx. 10% over the entire speed range by the use of RAVENOL Motobike 4T-Ester SAE 10W-60. In order to maintain the throughput of the K&N air filter, it is maintained with RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray.

If you want to learn more about the team THM Motorsport, you can visit their Facebook page or their website.

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