Once again the Autosport International Exhibition held in Birmingham, UK, opened its doors to motorsport fans from across the world, and of course Ravenol UK was there presenting the latest developments in Automotive lubrication technology.

Over the four days of the show the Ravenol team was kept busy with a stream of enquiries from drivers and teams covering virtually every Motorsport discipline with almost 1000 information flyers being given out and queues forming at times. Of particular interest was the new range of USVO® high performance lubricants with praise coming from several teams and drivers that were already experiencing the advantages of these shear stable oils and the resulting reduction in fuel dilution.

An extremely popular feature of the stand was the Racing Point Force India race simulator, ably manned by Hype Energy eForce India’s German superstar Marcel Kiefer - http://www.forceindiaf1.com/esports . Marcel already has a huge fan base, not only in Germany but also in the UK, with large numbers of fans surrounding him asking for autographs.

More impressions of the exhibition appearance.