Dear Clients, Friends and Business Partners

In the past 12 months we once again kept on developing – with the brand RAVENOL – on many levels, created and realised thrilling projects with you, with the feedback being very positive. The forthcoming festive season is the perfect point in time for saying thank you to family, friends, business partners, customers, fans and companions. Thank you very much!    

We are looking forward to 2019 and the coming projects.

To demonstrate our gratitude we want to thank in a very special way, this year: instead of making the usual Christmas presents we will donate to Bielefeld’s children and youth hospice Bethel. 

“It’s an affair of the heart for us,” reveals RAVENOL CEO Paul Becher. “After such a successful year 2018 with great moments and a lot of joy but a lot of work and diligence, too, we now should focus on the essentials: help and sharing the joy.”   

In the children and youth hospice, children, juveniles and young adults suffering from life shortening diseases are accompanied holistically. This company comprises game and leisure-time offers as well as qualified and loving care and alleviating pains or other hurtful symptoms. In each case, the individual living conditions are crucial. Our donation helps the diseased young people and their families to occasionally have a breather and reload their batteries.   

RAVENOL wishes you a Merry Xmas and a successful New Year.