The RAVENOL ATF Professional Line is entering as service and workshop concept into the next round. We provide through thus possibilities for a professional automatic transmission oil service.

The portfolio of the ATF Professional Line includes the further developed service device. Our experts have incorporated a lot of user experience from the field into the further development of the service device. The result is the RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger 2.0.

The service device enables a professional and at the same time simple transmission oil service and combines the functionality of the dynamic transmission oil change with new useful features and thus guarantees more user comfort and process reliability in every situation.

With a wide range of adapters for various vehicles, the RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger 2.0 effectively flushes and refills automatic, CVT and DCT transmissions. The new, multilingual, and intuitive menu navigation guides the user step by step through the process according to the vehicle parameters. In this way, the transmission will be freed comfortable of impurities. Through its compact design and mobility, the RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger 2.0 takes care of the professional cleaning of the transmission hydraulics.

In addition to the service device, RAVENOL offers a unique range of outstanding transmission oils (ATF), which are adapted to the different requirements of the various transmission designs through special formulations.

As added value, our customers and partners receive many tips and tricks as well as access to the HaynesPro® database, which guides the user step by step through the application. Due to the smooth interaction of the RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger 2.0 with our highquality ATF lubricants, coupled with the provision of know-how and expertise, we hold with the RAVENOL ATF Professional Line a complete service and workshop concept ready, which complements the existing range of services of every workshop.

The benefits:
…for workshops

  • Professional transmission cleaning and transmission filling in one step
  • Extensive Dynamic Exchanger adapter set is included
  • RAVENOL customer service through the provision of know-how
  • Provision of access rights to the HaynesPro® database
  • Increase of workshop competence with the workshop concept RAVENOL ATF Professional Line
  • Availability of spare parts and further adapters is worldwide guaranteed

…for customers

  • Smoother transmission changes and less fuel consumption, as excessive slippage is eliminated
  • Optimal lubrication and low wear thanks to fresh transmission oil
  • Professional transmission service at your trusted workshop
  • Higher transmission life and repair cost savings

Further device details and information about the RAVENOL ATF Professional Line you can find here.