Launch of a new product for the skateboard industry: The Titus x Ravenol Bearing Fluid!

The new lubricant is an oil with extremely low viscosity, specially formulated for skateboard wheel bearings. The consistent lubrication in the wheel bearing does not only increase the mileage and the longevity but also protects against gradual wear and has got a corrosion-protection effect.

Ralf Middendorf, Titus Skateboarding Product Consulter: “The first feedback of our drivers was consistently positive and the biggest part of the testers talked about significant performance enhancements.” 

In their in-house laboratories, RAVENOL analysed existing wheel-bearing oils to then design – in cooperation with the Team Titus pros – a new bearing fluid. The product that has been launched as Titus x Ravenol Bearing Fluid increases and extends the mileage of the wheel bearings. As a result, the users can skate longer and fast at reduced physical effort: a proven product ‘Made in Germany’ that also will be used by skating pros in the COS Cup. 

The COS Cup was created in 1998 and is the German Skate Boarding Championship. The series comprises a number of events, offering the competitors the opportunity to qualify for the finals in the ‘Europa-Park Rust’ where they will battle it out for the German Skate Boarding Championship title. In every year, the series stops at different venues. The contests partly are held in the support programme of fairs and festivals or as pure skate-boarding meetings. Every round attracts some 150 competitors.

The championship also comprises a special contest: the so-called RAVENOL BARREL JUMP. Here, the skaters have jump over a certain number (partly up to seven) of RAVENOL oil barrels.

Please find the respective video here: Video SKATEBOARDING

RAVENOL Marketing Manager Dimitri Barichnowski proved to be fascinated: “It’s really thrilling to witness the technical know-how, skills and precision displayed by the professional skaters – not only when it comes to all the tricks and flips but also while assembling their skateboard in DIY style. We are really happy with the positive feedback our new wheel-bearing fluid was welcomed with by the skating community.” 

Special information: From 2020 in Tokyo, skateboarding will be an individual discipline in the summer Olympics. The next COS meeting will be the 21. German Skateboarding Championship finals, on 03rd and 04th in the ‘Europa-Park Rust’.

The Titus x Ravenol Bearing Fluid :