The Mitropa Rally Cup, one of the oldest rally series in Europe, has agreed a multi-year co-operation with the lubricant specialist RAVENOL. All cars competing in the Mitropa Cup will feature the RAVENOL logo alongside the traditional Mitropa Rally Cup emblem.

Lothar Bökamp (Media Officer/ Mitropa Rally Cup) and Dimitri Barichnowski (Marketing Manager/ RAVENOL)
Lothar Bökamp (Media Officer/ Mitropa Rally Cup) and Dimitri Barichnowski (Marketing Manager/ RAVENOL)
  • The tradition-steeped rally series and the lubricant specialist agree on a multi-year co-operation.
  • All rally cars competing for points in the Mitropa Rally Cup will display the trademark RAVENOL logo.
  • In 2022, the teams will compete in 9 rallies in 6 countries for the Mitropa Rally Cup.

In 2022, teams will compete for the winner's trophies at 9 events in 6 countries. Since the Cup's foundation in 1965, the series has enjoyed increasing popularity throughout Central Europe and beyond. The Mitropa Rally Cup is affectionately referred to by participants and fans as the "unofficial European Rally Championship for private drivers", from which numerous talents with impressive careers have emerged

"I am very pleased to welcome our new partner from the oil industry," said Norberto Droandi, President of the Mitropa Rally Cup. "RAVENOL has been associated with quality, reliability and performance for decades. As a rally service for modern and historic automobiles, we have vehicles of different generations that are on the hunt for the best time. The demands on man and technology are enormous. We are even more pleased to be able to present the participants with a strong partner that offers the best possible products for their success."

Noberto Droandi - President of the Mitropa Rally Cup
Noberto Droandi - President of the Mitropa Rally Cup

"A great partnership, we are very pleased to become part of a rally family rich in tradition," comments Dimitri Barichnowski (Marketing/Motorsport RAVENOL). "This is our way of supporting another FIA-licensed racing series in the heart of Europe, which we will equip with our products, and ideally complements our motorsport portfolio.”

RAVENOL develops, produces, and markets high-quality lubricants that are equally well known both in this country and on the international market. In the state-of-the-art, in-house laboratories, the high-quality products are fine-tuned to obtain the approvals of the leading car manufacturers and also to be able to comply with new specifications in the future. The quality management guarantees a high product standard, which is guaranteed from production to shipping.

The customer is offered an extensive range of lubricants and care products: Car and truck engine oils, racing oils, transmission oils for automatic and manual transmissions and drive axles, agricultural machinery oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, specialties, greases, high-performance lubricants, car care products, cleaners, winter chemicals and antifreeze.

RAVENOL is today one of the world's most efficient lubricant brands for premium products.

The Mitropa Rally Cup is of the oldest rally series in Europe. It was founded in 1965. Famous names such as Sandro Munari, Franz Wittmann, "Lucky" Luigi Battistolli, Armin Schwarz and Hermann Gaßner already feature in the series' winners' lists. Fans affectionately refer to the Mitropa Rally Cup as the "unofficial European Rally Championship for private drivers." The series is a championship recognized by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). Participants can register in the categories FIA homologated vehicles and historic vehicles according to FIA Appendix K.

Mitropa Rally Cup Kalender 2022

  1. Rebenland Rallye (AUT)                                            18.‐19. March 2022
  2. 44. Int. WeinbergerHolz Lavanttal Rallye (AUT)     08.‐09. April 2022
  3. Rally Opatija (HRV)                                                    06.‐08. May 2022
  4. AMTK Rally Velenje (SVN)                                        26.‐28. May 2022
  5. Mecsek Rallye (HUN)                                                23.‐25. June 2022
  6. Rally Casentino (ITA)                                                15.‐16. July2022
  7. Mahle 10. Rally Nova Gorica (SVN)                         22.‐24. September 2022
  8. 58. 3‐Städte‐Rallye (DEU)                                         13.‐ 5. October 2022
  9. Rally Cittá di Bassano (ITA)                                      28.-29. October 2022

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