From 11th to 18th June, 2016, Croatia was the venue of a very popular regatta – the 2016 Vishe Radugi Cup that 2016 that was held for the already fourth time, this year. The regatta is organised by the charter company Vishe Radugi Yachting.

The regatta fleet comprises 10 identical sailing yachts provided by the manufacturer Hanse: the in many countries award winning sailing yacht Hanse 445, years of construction 2012 / 2013 with Gennaker, a big, asymmetric fore sail. Hansa, based in Greifswald at the Baltic Sea, successfully has been building boats and sailing yachts for many years.

For this year’s Vishe Radugi Cup, the organisers opted for the northern route along the Dalmatian coast, the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Points of interest along this route are – inter alia – the picturesque small town Primosten that is located on a peninsula and the town Trigir that was built more than 2000 years ago by the Romans.

In 2016 RAVENOL, the experts for high-performance lubricants, were the technology partners of the regatta. But where please is the connection between sailing and lubricants? The answer easy: every sophisticated sailing ship is equipped with an engine. If there isn’t enough wind, the engine can be used to manoeuvre on sea or in the marina. The Hanse 445 sailing yachts are equipped with Volvo diesel engines: the Volvo Penta D2 engine produces 55kw / 75bhp. RAVENOL provides RAVENOL Turbo-Plus SHPD SAE 15W-40 for the engines, an all-year multigrade engine oil. This engine oil meets the official Volvo clearance and is approved for Volvo diesel engines.

Furthermore, the lubricant manufacturer provides the RAVENOL Marine Fett (Grease), a sea-water resistant long-term lubricating grease. This special product provides corrosion protection for exterior components of the ship that constantly are exposed to the sea water. The extreme shear stability and the high wear protection as well as the good pumping properties even at low temperatures are characteristics that even convinced expedition troops in arctic regions. 

As highlight, RAVENOL equips the sailors with ADIDAS sports wear extra designed for RAVENOL Racing.

The organisers of the regatta set themselves the goal to thrill all regatta participants in equal measure, irrespective of their level of professionalism; for professional sailors, the regatta will be uncompromising racing; for amateur skippers the unique experience to battle it out with the pros on an equal-level playing field; for globetrotters the pleasure of the unique and variegated environment; and for the numerous guests – or more precisely friends – to be part of a wonderful project.  

Nonetheless, the racing side of the Vishe Radugi Cup regatta represents the main focus and regularly lures numerous visitors to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Every morning, a team meeting is held where it is discussed according to the wind direction and speed which sailing manoeuvres are executed, what will be the route of the day - and the wishes of skippers and crews are discussed, too. Preparing painstakingly for the respective tour is a must to complete it as scheduled and increase your chances of winning the event.

This year, the regatta also was contested by the hobby crew RAVENOL Racing. The crew consisted of motor-racing enthusiasts that have been using RACENOL products for years and became fans of the brand, over the years. For 2017 we plan a campaign allowing you to win a participation in the regatta. A campaign we will keep you updated on with our RAVENOL Newsletter.

RAVENOL sets sail for the future… together with our fans and partners!