The time has come: RAVENOL is currently still looking for test drivers for the RAVENOL EFE Extra Fuel Economy SAE 0W-16. 

With the innovative product RAVENOL EFE Extra Fuel Economy SAE 0W-16, Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH sets new standards for a both energy-efficient and ecological way of driving. The fully synthetic low-friction oil represents the latest research and development level and was designed for optimum engine lubrication. It significantly reduces the engine, bearing, piston and cam wear while meeting the motorists’ demands regarding economy and environmental awareness at the same time. 

After a successful compatibility check with their own car, the participants in the campaign will have the chance of testing the new engine oil RAVENOL EFE Extra Fuel Economy SAE 0W-16 themselves. In addition to the engine oil, all the test drivers will be provided with new oil filters, a campaign sticker and the original ’Test Driver’ T-shirt.

Become a part of our realistic test that will demonstrate the fuel-saving properties of our RAVENOL EFE Extra Fuel Economy SAE 0W-16 on the one hand and the usability in an enormous scope of popular vehicles on the other. We will reward you with a gift and in addition, the best experience reports will be published on the RAVENOL website. 

In addition, the campaign will be accompanied by a major competition featuring a trip of a lifetime as first prize. For additional information on existing deadlines and entry rules please visit the RAVENOL campaign site

We are looking forward to numerous registrations. Don’t miss your chance of also becoming a part of the team.