RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 1 L- 1159100-001
ART.-NR. 1159100-001
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 20 L- 1159100-020
ART.-NR. 1159100-020
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 60 L- 1159100-060
ART.-NR. 1159100-060
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 60 L- 1159100-D60
ART.-NR. 1159100-D60
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 208 L- 1159100-208
ART.-NR. 1159100-208
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 208 L- 1159100-D28
ART.-NR. 1159100-D28
RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T 1000 L- 1159100-700
ART.-NR. 1159100-700
  • 1 L | 1159100-001
  • 20 L | 1159100-020
  • 60 L | 1159100-060
  • 60 L | 1159100-D60
  • 208 L | 1159100-208
  • 208 L | 1159100-D28
  • 1000 L | 1159100-700
2- and 4-stroke engine oils
VRP Racing Engines
Motorboat outboard motors exclusively for racing
O-125 cc, O-175 cc, O-250 cc (2 cylinder Boxer engines 2 stroke)
O-350 cc (2 cylinders, 3 cylinders or 4 cylinder Boxer engines 2 stroke)
O-500 cc and O-700 cc (4 cylinder Boxer engines 2 stroke)

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T is a special two-stroke oil based on tried and tested castor oil plant technology, refined with ester synthetic additives. This chemical composition guarantees excellent lubrication and shear stability at all load levels while still providing a great deal of protection against corrosion.

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T is for use in motorboat outboard engines in motor racing. Very high temperatures are generated at revolutions of up to 14,500 rpm as well as extreme pressure on bearings and pistons and reduced oil supply in overrun mode. In overrun mode, it is almost impossible to maintain a film of lubrication to ensure hydrodynamic lubrication. RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T has been specially developed for such extreme conditions.

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T contains >75% castor oil.

In comparison with its competitors, RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T delivers better residual lubrication of the bearings at the same mixing ratios. This provides better protection to the crankshaft and all other bearings under extreme loads.

Combustion residues are considerably less than with other oils.

With RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T, the mixing ratios can be adapted for the respective temperature conditions.

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T can be used in engines from 54 HP (125 cc) to 240 HP (700 cc).

Application Notes

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T must be mixed with methanol.

Recommended mixing ratios: 1:20 to 1:30 with methanol.

At cold temperatures and in running-in mode, we recommend a mix of 1 litre RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T to 20 litres of methanol.

With engines which have already been run in, it is recommended to use RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T as a mixture with a ratio of up to 30 litres of methanol to 1 litre at low oxygenation (generally at high outdoor temperatures or high altitudes).

RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T cannot be blended with mineral and synthetic two-stroke oils.

Mix thoroughly, especially after extended standing time (approx. 1 week)

Always store RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T in a frost-free place!


RAVENOL Outboard Castor 2T offers:

  • Reduced deposits due to clean combustion
  • Highest shear stability under the toughest conditions
  • Protection of the pistons through excellent lubrication
  • No varnish or sticking of the piston rings
  • Minimal wear
  • Increased load capacity and service life of the motor
  • Excellent corrosion protection
Density at 20°Ckg/m³951,0EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 100°Cmm²/s19,0DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40°Cmm²/s250,0DIN 51562-1