RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 1,5 L- 1410110-150
ART.-NR. 1410110-150
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 5 L- 1410110-005
ART.-NR. 1410110-005
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 10 L- 1410110-010
ART.-NR. 1410110-010
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 20 L- 1410110-020
ART.-NR. 1410110-020
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 20 L- 1410110-B20
ART.-NR. 1410110-B20
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 60 L- 1410110-060
ART.-NR. 1410110-060
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 60 L- 1410110-D60
ART.-NR. 1410110-D60
RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ 1000 L- 1410110-700
ART.-NR. 1410110-700
  • 1,5 L | 1410110-150
  • 5 L | 1410110-005
  • 10 L | 1410110-010
  • 20 L | 1410110-020
  • 20 L | 1410110-B20
  • 60 L | 1410110-060
  • 60 L | 1410110-D60
  • 1000 L | 1410110-700
VW TL 774-F
MB-Freigabe 325.3
Frost protection and winter chemistry
Jaguar JLM209722
Jaguar Land Rover STJLR 651.5003
VW/Audi TL 774-D (entspricht G12+)
Opel GM 6277 M
Opel GM B 040 1065
Ford WSS-M97B44-D (ab Modell 1999)
Ford 1336797
Ford 1336807
Ford 1365305
Mitsubishi 0103044
Mitsubishi 0103045
Mitsubishi MZ311986
Toyota 08889-00115
Toyota 08889-01005
Toyota 08889-80014
Toyota 08889-80015
Toyota 00272-1LLAC
VOLVO 9437650
VOLVO 9437651
VW G012A8FM1
VW G012A8FM8
VW G012A8FM9
DAF 74002
included in the list of recommendations of the LAWA for water management requirements for geothermal probes and geothermal collectors. Please follow manufacturer's recommendations.

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ is an eco-friendly 1.2- Ethanediol (monoethylene glycol) based silicate, borate, nitrite and phosphate-free coolant for cooling circuits in combustion engines which provides maintenance-free corrosion and frost protection. This product is formulated based on a proven inhibitor development with the organic additive technology OAT as an extended life coolant.

The quality of an antifreeze is no longer just determined by the antifreeze effect (which automatically exists in an ethylene-glycol based product), but by the rust protection. That is why automakers subject antifreeze to lengthy corrosion and cavitation tests.

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ protects the cooling system from rust, frost, and in summer, from overheating.

Application Notes

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ with highly effective frost and rust protection. Usable in cooling systems with all-aluminium engines. Mix according to chart. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

Even in summer coolant must contain enough antifreeze to ensure good corrosion and overheating protection.

Instructions: Clean cooling system, check for leaks, flush.

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+with clean water (per mixing chart) and add. Allow engine and heater to warm up, add coolant to fill level.  

RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ can also be used in geothermal probes and geothermal collectors as recommended list of LAWA (Federal / State Working Group on Water in Germany).

Mixing Chart:

Antifreeze protection until
Parts Antifreeze          
Parts Water
- 12°C
- 20°C
- 37°C


RAVENOL OTC Concentrate Protect C12+ offers:

  • Excellent for light metal engines
  • Good reserve alkalinity
  • Premium corrosion additives for optimal rust protection for all metals and metal alloys used in cooling systems, including aluminium
  • Prevents sediments and foaming in the cooling system
  • Compatible with elastomers used in automotive radiators
  • Can be mixed with other coolant types
Density at 20°Ckg/m³1130EN ISO 12185
Colourviolett / lilavisual
Flash point°C110ASTM D 51758
Boiling point°C175ASTM D 1121
pH- value7,8ASTM D 1287
Reserve alkalinityml 0,1 n HCL5,5ASTM D 1120
Water contentGew.-%5ASTM D 1123
Freezing point (50 %-Lösung)°C-35ASTM D 1177