RAVENOL Türschloß-Enteiser

RAVENOL Türschloß-Enteiser 50 ml- 1430203-050
ART.-NR. 1430203-050
  • 50 ml | 1430203-050
Frost protection and winter chemistry

RAVENOL Türschloß Enteiser is a very effective door lock de-icer with built-in rust and corrosion protection properties  Quickly thaws frozen door locks, protects against new ice formation and thin lubricating film to free up stiff locks and for longer term corrosion protection.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Türschloß Enteiser is available in a handy 50 ml bottle fitted with a narrow tip to easily introduce the product into the frozen door lock, where it quickly works to thaw out and free the mechanism. Effective for use in the car, in the home or wherever frozen locks occur, repeat the application once the lock has thawed and is working freely to provide longer term protection.



Ethanol, glycol, surfactants, fragrances and dyes.

UN 1987 


Keep container tightly closed.                                                                            Keep away from sources of ignition - no smoking .
Keep out of the reach of children.
Free from methanol, environmentally-friendly formulation

Freezing point°Cca.-60-
Flash point (COC)°C>21-
Density at 20°Ckg/m³930EN ISO 12185
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