RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett

RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett 25 kg- 1340106-025
ART.-NR. 1340106-025
RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett 180 kg- 1340106-180
ART.-NR. 1340106-180
  • 25 kg | 1340106-025
  • 180 kg | 1340106-180
DIN 51 502: GP0K-30

RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett  is a high-quality lithium saponified multi-purpose grease based on highly viscid paraffinic base oils with EP additives, which do not contain heavy metals or chlorine.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett is particularly suitable for lubrication under the following unfavourable conditions:

High surface pressure, irregular impact loads, wet conditions, soiling.

RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett is used in central lubrication systems of truck trailers.

RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett is also used for the lubrication of heavy duty roller and ball bearings in the industrial sector, mainly for low speeds.


RAVENOL Amber Getriebefließfett offers:

  • Excellent EP effect and wear protection
  • Outstanding oxidation and corrosion protection even in the presence of moisture 
  • Very good mechanical stability 
  • Excellent resistance to water 
  • Long service life and therefore, longer lubrication intervals possible
  • Excellent resistance to ageing 
  • Good pumpability, even at low temperatures


NLGI-Class0DIN 51 818
DIN-Product-ClassificationGP0K-30DIN 51 502
ISO-Product-ClassificationISO-L-XCCFB0ISO 6743 P.9
Working Temperature°C-30 / +120DIN 51 825
Short Term up to°C120-
Worked Penetration 60 strokesmm/10 bei 25°C355-385ISO 2137
Corrosion (SKF Emcor dist. Water)Corr. Degree1DIN 51 802
Dropping Point°C185DIN ISO 2176
Copper Corrosion (24h/120°C)1DIN 51 811
Water Resistance (3h/90°C)°C1-90DIN 51 807 T.1
VKA Pressure Carrying CapacityNunter 2000DIN 51 350 T.4
Kinematic Viscosity (Base Oil)mm²/s bei 40°C65DIN 51562-1
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