Transmission oil service with equipment & know-how of RAVENOL

RAVENOL - ATF Professional Line comprises the entire range of services for automatic, DSG and CVT transmissions.
It is part of the RAVENOL workshop concept. Every workshop is able to make a professional transmission oil service and to complement the existing range of services.


The RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger is a service device for the dynamic transmission service. It simplifies the transmission flushing and the lubricant change for automatic, CVT and DCT transmission. The Operation does not require any vulnerable connection electronics and ensures working comfort, reliability and operational safety. In service or as a preventive action, the Dynamic Exchanger takes over the effective cleaning of the transmission hydraulics.

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RAVENOL offers an amazing range of transmission oils. The special formulations consider the most diverse requirements of the various transmission designs. We always make sure, that the functionality and the interaction of all components around the transmission are optimally coordinated.

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As a special feature, we offer our partners and customers training on how to use the Dynamic Exchanger. The user will learn specific Know-how about the transmission and how the Dynamic Exchanger works. In addition, our partners and customers will receive many tips and tricks and an access to the HaynesPro® database, which guides the mechanic step by step through the application.



  • Professional transmission cleaning and filling in one step, simple flushing x simple filling x simple handling = simple┬│
  • Extensive Dynamic Exchanger adapter set included
  • Increase of workshop competence with the workshop concept ATF Professional Line
  • Availability of spare parts and further adapters is worldwide guaranteed


  • Optimal lubrication and less wear thanks to fresh transmission oil
  • Optimal lubrication and low wear thanks to fresh transmission oil
  • Smoother transmission changes and less fuel consumption, as excessive slippage is eliminated
  • Professional transmission service at your trusted workshop