RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013
RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013

RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger 2.0

Category: Appliances
Item number: 1380404

The RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger is a service device for dynamic transmission oil service.

The device carries out the rinsing and the lubricant change in the same work step.

The RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger is made of sheet steel and has a storage system for the fresh and used oil. The operation doesn't require any vulnerable connection electronics and guarantees working comfort, reliability and operational safety. The user will be guided step by step through the process according to the vehicle parameters. He can choose whether to rinse the transmission unit with cleaning agents or with fresh oil.

In service or as a preventive measure, the Dynamic Exchanger offers the following new features:

fully automatic operating procedure (automatic flushing function & dynamic oil change function)

automatic checking and detection of the flow direction (previously only manual assignment)

2 sight glasses (Tmax = 100 ° C and pmax = 20 bar)

high quality hydraulic lines

more user-friendly control software

The further development includes many improvements which supports the user in operational practice.

Application Note

The RAVENOL Dynamic Exchanger simplifies the flushing and filling of automatic, CVT and DCT transmissions.


  • Mobile service device for automatic transmissions also for continuously variable (CVT) (CVT) and dual clutch transmissions (DCT)
  • Automatic control for transmission flushing and filling
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Individual process and device programming possible
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Integrated database from RAVENOL & HaynesPro®
  • Suitability for the use of special cleaning agents
  • 5 inch color touch screen
  • Colored control lamps for device status
  • Integrated thermal printer for logging vehicle and process data
  • Containers for detergents
  • Various connection adapters included in delivery
  • Integrated pump unit (6.6 l / min.)
  • Replaceable oil filter (10µ)
  • Supply voltage 12-15 V DC (mobile supply via vehicle battery)
  • Working pressure pmax = 7 bar Device dimensions: H120 / W60 / D47
  • Weight: 100 kg
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