Ciao Bella! This Sunday (01st September), Bielefeld’s ‘Lenkwerk’ will feature a Mediterranean atmosphere as it will stage the annual ‘Italian Day’. 

Less than 15 kilometres away from of the production site of the German lubricant manufacturer RAVENOL, in Bielefeld, the numerous visitors and car aficionados will have the chance of admiring historic, classic and younger classic cars. All the visitors that make the trip in an Italian car will be granted free admission to the event premises. In addition to quite a lot of classic and powerful exhibits, the venue’s Carrera slot-racing circuit and the MINI simulator as well as further attractions will make for fun and variety galore.

As partner of the event, RAVENOL will add to the comfy and familial atmosphere of the ‘Italian Day’ by a lounge equipped with RAVENOL barrel furniture – a true eye-catcher in every event.  

The concept of the ‘Lenkwerk Bielefeld’ Bielefeld is unique for the Eastern Westphalia region. The listed building of the former German Wehrmacht’s air-force accoutring office that afterwards was used by the British Rhine Forces as storage for arms and equipment today is well-known for the classic-car museum bearing the same name and the historic event hall that can be used as location for the most different kinds of shows and events. Furthermore, the 18,000 square-metre area offers space for 30 offices and enterprises as well as car-repair shops.

The next events staged by the ‘Lenkwerk’ will be the BMW Day on 15th September and the ‘Season Closing’ on 29th September.

Website: Lenkwerk Bielefeld