The energy revolution has arrived. According to the ‘Fraunhofer Institiut’, Europe’s biggest organisation for application oriented research, 8.7 percent of the net consumption (46 TWh) were produced by solar energy.   

Compared to the energy provided by the power supply system, Photovoltaic systems convince with their relatively low costs. Installing a system doesn’t take a lot of time and guarantees the electric-power supply for several decades. By the installation of an on-roof photovoltaic system, RAVENOL already switched to renewable energy several years ago. This move results in massive economic gains over a period of 20 years on the one hand and an annually reduction of CO2 emissions by 13 tons. This is – approximately – the equivalent of the CO2 that would be produced by 7840 cars per year.

“With our PV system, we have achieved a real autarky of 42 percent, for our Werther facilities,” says CEO Paul Becher. ”Furthermore, our savings when it comes to the energy costs allow us to offer our products at more competitive prices and consequently achieve a better position in the competition on the market.”

At the same time, RAVENOL also strives for sustainability and eco-friendliness in the product sector: from biodegradable secondary packaging through cooperation with trucking companies and service providers set also opt for a sustainability approach to innovative technologies that have got what it takes to make a major contribution to protecting our environment.

As early as in 2014, RAVENOL set new standards in the oil industry with the very first API licensed and approved engine oil featuring the API SN spec and the viscosity SAE 0W-16. This oil that is particularly recommended for hybrid vehicles is based on the proven CleanSynto® Technology and contributes to a cleaner world by clearly reducing the fuel consumption and the emissions. 

Good to know: By creating and sustaining a safe, health-orientated and performance-driven working environment, and operating a proactive environmental protection policy, we can contribute to the continuance and success of our company. Our engagement in this regard is regularly affirmed by the Technical Inspection Authority, issued in the form of a certificate in line with DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

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