Jan Deitenbach
Jan Deitenbach

Jan Deitenbach has done it! In a gripping final, the Husqvarna rider secured the title of International German SuperMoto Champion. On the fast track in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben he took the day's victory with second place in both heats.

The conditions for this final could not have been more exciting. The driver from Team BERGOS RAVENOL Racing went into the final event of the season absolutely level on points with his toughest rival Peter Bannholzer. 

Even in qualifying, both title aspirants were out to prove their absolute determination to succeed. In the end, it was Jan Deitenbach who secured his first pole position of the season with a lead of 0.15 seconds over Bannholzer. "I already felt very good in the practice sessions, and now I finally managed to turn that into a really fast lap," said Deitenbach. 

The first race started in dry conditions. Deitenbach won the start and took the lead into the first lap. Bannholzer collided with another rider in the first corner and briefly went down. Meanwhile, at the front, Deitenbach initially set the pace, but then noticed that his rival was missing, so he did not fight back when he was overtaken by another rider and focused on securing second place. "Yes, on the podium again, and clearly ahead of Peter," he declared after the first race. "But I wasn't happy with my riding, I just didn't find a good rhythm." 

So Deitenbach went into the decisive final race with a six-point lead over Bannholzer. There he won the start again, this time ahead of Bannholzer, and they immediately pulled away from the rest of the field. On lap three, Deitenbach then let Bannholzer take the lead without a fight and lined up right behind him. "I simply didn't want to take any risk of him being able to attack me. That's why I had made the plan before the race."

But the front-runner then reduced the pace a bit, causing the front field to close together again. However Deitenbach did not let himself get nervous, as second place would be enough for him to secure his his second title since 2019. Immediately after crossing the finish line he was greeted by the loud shouts of fans waving hand-held flares.

He went to the award ceremony with a golden helmet and champion's jersey. "I am overjoyed that I made it. My team and my fans made such a noise every lap that I could even hear them under my helmet when I was riding. Awesome and thank you!", said Deitenbach after the award ceremony. "I have to admit that at first I was very nervous, but right from the start that vanished and I just focused on doing my thing."