The RAVENSBERGER SCHMIERSTOFFVERTRIEB GMBH, a medium-sized German lubricant manufacturer based in Werther, Westphalia, has now developed and launched a new ultra-low-viscosity engine oil with USVO® and CleanSynto® technology. This is the innovative RAVENOL Ultra Fuel Economy UFE SAE 0W-8 with JASO GLV-1 approval. This makes RAVENOL Ultra Fuel Economy UFE SAE 0W-8 one of the first lubricants worldwide with a JASO GLV-1 license.

The new additives for this innovating ultra-low viscosity lubricant with USVO® technology provide RAVENOL Ultra Fuel Economy UFE SAE 0W-8 with properties that have a demonstrably positive effect, particularly in terms of improved fuel economy and engine longevity. RAVENOL Ultra Fuel Economy UFE SAE 0W-8 contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing emissions and saving fuel, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

 UnitUFE 0W-8Specification
Fuel Economy compared to SAE 0W-16 (JASO M 366:2019)%1,15> 1,1
Oxidation (Sequ. IIIH)/Increase kin. Visc. (40°C)%49max. 150
MRV Viscosity - aged oil low temp. viscosiy at -35°C (Sequ. IIIHA)mPa.s17700max. 60000
Walvetrain Wear Test (Seq. IVA)µ m26max. 90
Low temperature Sludge and Varnish Test (Sequence VH)%7,9min. 7,6
Chain Wear Test (Seq. X)%0,042max. 0,085

With USVO® technology we achieve extremely high viscosity stability. We avoid the disadvantages of polymer viscosity improvers and at the same time use their advantages. As a result, we improve engine protection, performance, optimize engine cleanliness and extend oil change intervals. USVO® technology allows the product to have no shear loss throughout the change interval while being extremely stable to oxidation. This unique technology helps to deliver oil to the engine parts being lubricated faster, thereby minimizing friction while keeping the engine clean and efficient.

RAVENOL Ultra Fuel Economy UFE SAE 0W-8 is suitable as a high-performance, low-viscosity engine oil for demanding engines, especially for new vehicles from the Asian region such as Toyota, Honda or Nissan. The fully synthetic ultra low-viscosity engine oil is recommended for modern passenger car gasoline engines and hybrid vehicles under all operating conditions when an ultra low-viscosity oil of viscosity grade 0W-8 is recommended by the engine manufacturer.