JASO MA2 - With immediate effect, we are able to offer you the following products with a new licence from JASO (Japanese Standard Organisation):

A few weeks ago, we launched our new RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike range with USVO technology. Extensive comparison tests have made clear the benefits of the new RAVENOL motorcycle oils.

Now that our oils have been subject to additional tests in accordance with the JASO T 903:2016 standard, we are now also able to offer you these four motorcycle oils with the JASO MA2 licence. This highlights the good quality of the base oils and additives that we use, resulting in excellent motorcycle oils from the RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike range with USVO technology – perfect for your motorcycle.

You will find a comprehensive test report and further information concerning our USVO motorcycle oils by clicking on the following link.