Wiesbaden / Werther, 28th March, 2019 The tradition-rich company ‘Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH’ and the classic-car series ‘Tourenwagen Classics’ have agreed upon a long-term partnership.  

RAVENOL is one of the highest-performance lubricant brands worldwide, today.  

“First of all, the reference to an epoch that is regarded and remembered by us and many others as the ‘Golden Era’ of touring-car racing represents a massive incentive to also provide the products that make for maximum performance and longevity of the engines and the other units of these vehicles,” underlines Martin Huning, RAVENOL Motorsport Director.

“We support the popular race series that we observed on the top-class motor-racing stages for quite a while as competent technology partner with immediate effect,” Huning adds.

Since their first race, in 2016, the ‘TOURENWAGEN CLASSICS’ caused a true stir around the topic DTM and classic touring-car racing and is one of the most popular series on the calendar, today.  

“We really look forward to the cooperation with RAVENOL as this collaboration means that we have found a partner that has got experience in international motor racing as well as professional structures. All this will help to keep on developing the idea further to gain an even more attractive starting grid that will attract an even broader public,” replies series organiser   Ralph Bahr.

The cooperation begins as of now and the TWC fraternity is looking forward to a thrilling season with RAVENOL as technology partner. In the future, the striking RAVENOL logo will decorate the starting-number stickers of all the TWC vehicles. 

Website: www.tourenwagen-classics.com