We are proud to present our latest product innovation - the RAVENOL oil sales display with changeable topper [Art. Nr. 1370207-001-02-000]. This display has been developed to optimise your sales area and represents a modern alternative to our proven article [Art. No. 1370200-001-02-000], with a unique and stylish design.

Different to our previous model, which will remain available (while stock last), the new oil sales display is designed with a range of toppers.

This means you can customise the display according to your individual requirements. We offer you three different topper design options:

  • 1370210-001-02-000 RAVENOL Topper Action
  • 1370211-001-02-000 RAVENOL Topper AMG/BMW
  • 1370212-001-02-000 RAVENOL Topper Toyota/Audi ABT

The RAVENOL oil sales display is easy to install and features a flexible construction (link to assembly instructions). Made from high-quality GD2 cardboard, laminated with EE+BC corrugated cardboard, this display has an attractive carbon fibre look. The side panels have black plastic profile edges and the base protection plate is made of transparent PCV. The entire display is coated with a glossy film to give it a high-quality and appealing look

Technical details overview:

Material: GD2 cardboard laminated with EE+BC corrugated cardboard

  • Colour: Carbon look
  • Side walls with plastic profile edges (black)
  • Base protection plate made of transparent PCV
  • Printed 4/0 (side panels + shelf edges + base)
  • Interior elements and back in one colour
  • Dimensions: 830 x 400 x 1300 mm + 400 mm for topper
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Maximum load: 210 kg

Use the new RAVENOL oil sales display to promote RAVENOL products and increase your sales area.