RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 1 L- 1111133-001
ART.-NR. 1111133-001
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 4 L- 1111133-004
ART.-NR. 1111133-004
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 5 L- 1111133-005
ART.-NR. 1111133-005
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 10 L- 1111133-010
ART.-NR. 1111133-010
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 20 L- 1111133-020
ART.-NR. 1111133-020
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 20 L- 1111133-B20
ART.-NR. 1111133-B20
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 60 L- 1111133-060
ART.-NR. 1111133-060
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 60 L- 1111133-D60
ART.-NR. 1111133-D60
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 208 L- 1111133-208
ART.-NR. 1111133-208
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 208 L- 1111133-D28
ART.-NR. 1111133-D28
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 1000 L- 1111133-700
ART.-NR. 1111133-700
  • 1 L | 1111133-001
  • 4 L | 1111133-004
  • 5 L | 1111133-005
  • 10 L | 1111133-010
  • 20 L | 1111133-020
  • 20 L | 1111133-B20
  • 60 L | 1111133-060
  • 60 L | 1111133-D60
  • 208 L | 1111133-208
  • 208 L | 1111133-D28
  • 1000 L | 1111133-700
MB-Freigabe 229.31
BMW Longlife-04
GM Dexos 2
MB-Approval 229.51
VW 505 00
VW 505 01
License: API SN
Motor oils for passenger cars CleanSynto®
Porsche A40
Ford WSS-M2C917-A
Fiat 9.55535-S2
Fiat 9.55535-GH2
Chrysler MS-11106
VW 502 00

RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 is a synthetic Mid SAPS low friction motor oil with CleanSynto® technology for passenger car gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbo-charging and direct injection.
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 achieves a high viscosity index through its formulation with special base oils. The excellent cold start behaviour provides an optimum lubricating safety during the cold run phase.
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 extends long life of DPF and TWC. Developed for fuel economy and energy conserving in EURO VI, EURO V and EURO IV Standard engines with normal and extended oil change intervals (until 50.000 km or 2 years possible).
RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption with excellent cold start characteristics. Because of a considerable fuel saving RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 contributes to protect the environment by reducing the emissions.
Suitable for extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.

Application Notes

RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 is universal synthetic low friction motor oil especially developed for pump-jet diesel engines. Moreover, this lubricant is excellent suitable for gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and vans with and without turbo charger. Due to the specific composition is RAVENOL VMO SAE 5W-40 excellent suitable for use for several of the latest OEM requirements.


RAVENOL VMO 5W-40 offers:

  • Fuel economy in part and full power operation
  • MID SAPS = reduced Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur
  • Excellent wear protection and high viscosity index also under high-speed driving conditions, the long life of the engine
  • Excellent cold starting characteristics also at low temperatures below -30°C
  • The function of the hydro tappet is ensure at all temperatures
  • A safe lubricant film at high operating temperatures
  • Low evaporative tendency, so lower oil consumption
  • No deposits in combustion chambers, in the piston ring zone and valves because of oil conditioned
  • Neutrality towards sealing materials
  • Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources
Density at 20°Ckg/m³848,0EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 100°Cmm²/s14,4DIN 51 562
Viscosity at 40°Cmm²/s87,5DIN 51 562
Viscosity index VI171DIN ISO 2909
HTHS at 150°CmPа*s3,75ASTM D5481
CCS Viscosity at -30°CmPa*s6375ASTM D5293
Low Temp. Pumping viscosity (MRV) at -35°CmPa*s21.100ASTM D4684
Pourpoint°C-45DIN ISO 3016
Noack Volatility% M/M8,8ASTM D5800/b
Flash point°C242DIN ISO 2592
TBNmg KOH/g7,2ASTM D2896
Sulphated ash%wt.0,77DIN 51 575