RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner Spray

Category Car care products

Item number 1360036

Application Passenger car, Truck, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural machinery, Racing, Hobby and garden, Workshop equipment

RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner is an active foam cleansing spray with excellent moistening and cleansing properties, which delivers economical, rapid and streak-free cleansing.

RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner Universal cleaning foam to quickly clean all of your vehicle's surfaces i.e. the bodywork or racing chassis and glass surfaces.

RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner is excellently suited to cleaning helmets and helmet visors, motorcycle body work and vehicle windscreens as well as for smooth surfaces such as mirrors, glass panes etc.

RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner is used in professional motorsport all around the world and for cleaning during pitstops.

Application Note

Shake RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner prior to use.

Spray the surface to be treated with RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner and allow the active foam to take effect briefly.

Wipe over the surface using a lint-free cloth, paper towel or microfibre cloth.

We recommend using our RAVENOL cleansing cloths which come in a practical roll.

Note:Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.


  • Streak-free cleaning thanks to specialist surfactants for optimal visibility even in adverse conditions
  • Good dissolving properties to clean dirt from road dust and insects
  • Dissolves residues of nicotine and silicone
  • Very good penetrating characteristics in order to reliablyreach places which are difficult to reach.
  • Economical application
  • Material conservation
  • Good compatibility with materials also compared with paints, rubbers and plastics
  • Contains solvents

Technical Product Data

Colour farblos VISUELL
Density at 20 °C 970 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Odour citrus DIN 51 757