RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo

Category Car care products

Item number 1360005

Application Passenger car, Truck, Motorcycle

RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo cleans intensively with active cleaning agents.

RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo has moisturizing effect.

RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo is mild for paint and hands.

RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo is free of AOX. No impairment of oil separators.

Application Note

Depending on the type of pollution put 1-2 caps RAVENOL Auto-Shampoo into a 10 liter bucket with water and foam.Clean the vehicle with a soft sponge and a lot of liquid washing. Then rinse with clear water and rub down, if necessary.

Shake container before use!


  • Anionic and nonionic surfactantsUBA-No. 0703008

Technical Product Data

DIN 51757