RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser

CategoryCar care products

Item number1360010

Recommendation DIN 43 530-4 Akkumulatoren, DIN EN 50272, Elektrolyt und Nachfüllwasser

Application Passenger car, Truck, Hobby and garden, Werkstattausrüstung

RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser is deionised distilled water and is manufactured using the ion exchangerprocess.

In the course of this process, the water flows through a column filled with ion exchange resin. This has theability to exchange its accumulated ions for the ions present in the water.

As the ion exchange resin cannot accumulate an infinite number of ions, they have to be “revived”, i.e. theyhave to be regenerated. This takes place using the currently most commonly used regeneration agents: sodiumchloride (water softening), hydrochloric acid (cation exchange) and sodium hydroxide (anion exchange).The conductivity of the water flowing through is constantly checked in a fully automated process and the ionexchanger unit regulates itself automatically.

RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser deionised water is regularly checked by taking samples.

Application Note

RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser is ideally suited to filling up vehicle batteries and for steam irons and aquariums (to reduce the hardness of the water).

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