RAVENOL Silikon-Spray

CategoryCar care products

Item number1360033

Application Passenger car, Truck, Motorcycle, Agricultural machinery, Industry, Hobby and garden, Werkstattausrüstung

RAVENOL Silikon-Spray is used for lubrication, care and maintenance of rubber, plastic and metal surfaces. The after flashing off the solvent and propellant gases colourless, tasteless and odourless product is physiologically inert, water resistant, radiation-resistant and weatherproofed.

RAVENOL Silikon-Spray has been proven many times in contrast to many non-silicone-containing products under extreme conditions such as over seawater, water vapour, sulphur dioxide, dilute acids and alkalis. High dielectric strength and low loss factor that is independent of the humidity are characteristic of RAVENOL Silikon-Spray.

RAVENOL Silikon-Spray is used for example as lubricants in vehicle, engine and body, waterproofing agents in the electrical and cable industry, catchment in the installation trade, care and preservative in the glass and ceramics industry, detergents in the ship and aircraft industry, release agents in the plastics industry, protective agents in mechanical engineering, Finishing agents in medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics. These are just some examples of the versatility of RAVENOL Silikon-Spray.

Application Note

RAVENOL Silikon-Spray: Too cold stored can has to be brought to room temperature before use. Shake well before use. Spray on evenly over the surfaces to be treated from 20-30 cm and pay heed in complete wetting. Drying time 30 s at room temperature.


  • universal application for example as lubricants, waterproofing agents, care and preservatives, cleaningagents, release agents, agents, finishing agents
  • reliable lubrication of rubber, plastic and metal surfaces
  • very stable to weathering
  • waterproof, radiation resistant, weather resistant
  • under extreme conditions such as sea water, steam, dilute acids and bases used
  • high dielectric strength and low loss factor
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