RAVENOL Zweirad Reiniger

Category Car care products

Item number 1360058

Application Motorcycle, Hobby and garden

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger removes trouble-free dirt like dust, oil, grease, brake dust on rims and plastic coverings etc.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is very efficient because of the little required quantity.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger doesn’t dissolve glue and varnish.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is absolutely formaldehyde and phosphate-free.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is biodegradable up to 98 %.

Application Note

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger has to be put on pure or diluted according to the rate of pollution, shortapplication time, wash with water. Average dilution: 1:10 with water. In case of an intense pollution extend theapplication time or repeat the process.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:3 according to the rate of pollution.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger doesn’t attack surfaces doesn’t etch and is nontoxic, nevertheless wash thehands after having used.

Technical Product Data

DIN 51757